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Home Professional Peel Treatment Pack How to guide

Included in your Kit:

1x Deep Cleanser

1x Active C Serum

1x Multi B Serum

1x Resveratrol Moisturiser

1x 3ml Cosmedix Pomegranate Peel

1x Societe Peptide Calming Mask

1x Tub of Vaseline

1x Alcohol skin cleaning swab

1x Gauze

1x Cotton tips

2x Facial wipes

2x Cotton Rounds

The Cosmedix Pomegranate Peel, is a superficial peel, that stimulates dead skin turn over, increases hydration and boosts your skin full of antioxidant’s.

Ingredients include, lactic acid, pomegranate seed oil, green algae astaxanthin & red wine resveratrol that Combats skin-damaging free radicals while gently stimulating collagen.

This peel will leave your skin looking radiant and hydrating.

This peel is gentle enough to use once a week if needed, in this kit you have received enough for one treatment, if you need anymore feel free to contact me.

Home Peel Protocol

Step 1: Cleanse Skin Twice using your Aspect Dr Deep Cleanser, make sure all makeup and oil is properly removed to allow a good clean surface for peel to penetrate, use your facial wipes, one wet to remove cleanser and the other one to dry your face, if you want to follow by a very gentle exfoliation this is optional and you may feel more tingle with the peel.

Step 2: On dry skin, wipe over your skin with the alcohol swab, this will remove grease and oil, which allows the peel to properly penetrate your skin.

Step 3: Using your Cotton tip apply a layer of Vaseline as a barrier, under the hollows of your eyes, sides of the nose and the edges of your lips, these area’s do not need to be peeled and can become irritated.

Step 4: Using your gauze, pour the whole contents of the peel from the jar into the gauze, let product absorb into the gauze or fold gauze until absorbed (This is to make sure the peel does not drip).

With your wet gauze you will start to apply to your face, starting at the forehead, around the perimeter of your face, jaw line, chin, down the bridge of your nose, upper lip and lastly into the cheeks (the cheek area needs to be done last, as this is the thinnest part of our face, as this area needs the least amount of product. This action needs to be done quickly.

Be extremely careful with your eyes, as you do not want to get product in your eyes, if so, rise with lots of cold water.

If you need more product, ring the gauze and apply carefully in areas needed with your fingers.

You will feel a tingling, stinging feel that will peak and then that tingle will start to reduce, while this is happening, you can use your hands to constantly pat, until that feeling has subsided.

You can leave this peel on for 10-20 min.

Step 5: Remove Peel using the cotton rounds, with cold water, you can gently pat the product off, until all the peel is completely removed, remember to remove the Vaseline from eyes carefully, lips and nose.

Step 6: Remove the Societe Peptide mask from the packet, it comes in two pieces one for the top of the face and the other for bottom, the side that feels more textured need to be connected with your skin, any remaining solution from the packet can be squeezed out to use on your neck and décolletage, leave this mask on for 20 min, remove, do not wash your face, go straight to step 7.

Step 7: Apply one pump on Vit B and one pump of Vit C, apply.

Step 8: Apply one pump of Resveratrol Moisturiser

Step 9: Sunscreen, especially after a peel, this is very important.

No Vitamin a or exfoliation for 3 days after your peel, make sure to wear sunscreen, avoid hot showers and exercise for 24 hours.

Call me on 0410924564 if you need any help and check out the video.

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