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CMSlim Body Contouring

Who wants to build an average of 18% muscle mass and reduce an average of 21% fat?

CMSlim Sunshine Coast QLD Australia fat reduction, body contouring, muscle building machine


The ultimate muscle toning, building and fat burning sculpting device, CMSlim has arrived on the Sunshine Coast.


CMSlim is the latest most advanced body contouring device available in Australia right now!

With a massive output of 7 Tesla energy, which creates a huge direct electromagnetic field to be able to by-pass clothes, skin, and fat, resulting in direct contact with the muscles.


This latest Electromagnet muscle stimulator body contouring device is designed for body shaping, muscle toning and fat reduction purposes.

CMSlim a cutting-edge treatment known around the world, we are excited it is now available in Australia, and we now offer this in the Sunshine Coast / Noosa area.




This type of technology is the only type available that builds muscle and burns fat, that is not exercise and can produce the equivalent of up to 30,000 squats or crunches in only 30 minutes.



  • Non-Invasive

  • No Downtime

  • Reduces Fat

  • Increases Muscle Mass

  • Pain Free

  • No Surgery or anaesthesia

  • Easy work out without sweating

  • Safe, medical grade machine with TGA & ARTG Approval (ARGT NO. 339736 Medical Grade)

  • Only takes 30 minutes per treatment, easy to fit into your lifestyle

  • Fast results, seen in as little as 3 weeks, with continuing results after treatments.


Areas that can be treated with our CMSlim Machine are: Stomach, Arms (Biceps/triceps) Buttocks, Thighs and calf muscles.


Each treatment takes 30 minutes, we suggest a course of treatments for best results.

We offer packages of 6 treatments, over 2-3 weeks (48 hours minimum between sessions) See pricing below


The Science behind CM Slim

science behind cmslim body contouring, fat reduction, muscle gain sunshine coast QLD Australia

During normal exercise (voluntary muscle contractions) the muscles relax between each action as the central nervous system does not have the ability to signal another impulse while one is still in action.  CMSlim™ produces impulses that are independent of brain function at a rapid rate that doesn’t allow for the relaxation phase. Maximal voluntary contractions are the highest amount of tension that can be created and held psychologically under normal conditions. Supramaximal contractions are defined as contractions that have a higher tension than maximal voluntary contractions. CMSlim™ generates supramaximal contractions in the individual which drastically increases the physiological workload required for muscle growth.


The supramaximal contractions force the muscle to adapt and illicit the growth of myofibrils and the creation of new muscle fibres and protein strands; this leads to increased muscle density and volume which in turn leads to muscle tone and definition.


 CMSlim™  also has an effect on fat. Muscles need energy to produce contractions. The energy is derived primarily from adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and secondarily from creatine phosphate and glycogen to fuel the muscles. When these are depleted, the body’s catabolic processes take place in the form of lipolysis – i.e. the breakdown of lipids (triglycerides) into free fatty acids (FFA) and glycerol. These released molecules usually act as an energy source for the needed muscle activity and body metabolism. The more muscle you have the more fat you burn during normal day to day activity as all muscle requires energy to contract.



How does it work ?

CMSlim treatments are a inactive-exercise treatment which results in muscle gain while losing fat.

An Electromagnetic field passes, non-invasively through the body and interacts with motor neurones which subsequently trigger supramaximal muscle contractions.

A 30 minute treatment on CMSlim is equivalent to 20,000 – 30,000 squats or crunches, like doing a extremely intensive workout.

The results are amazing. Clinical tests have shown CM Slim treatments actually increase muscle mass up to an average of 18% while losing an average of 21% fat, in the treated area.

Who is it for?

CMSlim is best for clients who lead an active lifestyle and maintain a healthy diet.

Anyone who wants to achieve further results in a more targeted area, such as more defined abs, contoured stomach or a butt lift look.

You will notice that you will feel stronger in your workouts, including yoga and pilates. Any movement or exercise that requires you to use deeper stomach muscles or glutes muscles will feel a lot easier.

The treatment will significantly strengthen your stomach muscles, core and glutes. It is especially popular for women after pregnancy, once they have stopped lactating.

Also body builders, athletes and those that can not exercise to keep muscles in shape.

Those that are not good candidates are those with Electronic medical devices/ Pacemakers, spinal or bladder stimulators. Patients with brain surgery or excessive damage to the brain, pregnancy or lactation, those aged under 18 and over 70 years old. Patients with weak heart / heart disease. Cerebral Vascular disorders (stroke patients)

It is ideally suited to patients with a BMI of 30 and under however it is beneficial for everyone and everybody gets results.

How Long does it take?

A treatment takes 30 minutes. However, to achieve maximum results we suggest a course of 6 treatments over 3 weeks.

What areas can be treated?

Abdomen, Thighs (inner, outer), upper arms, shoulders, Buttocks


Is there any downtime?

No, there is no downtime at all. The treatment performs a 5 minute cool down session at the end, which release lactic acid build up from the treatment, resulting in no muscle soreness after your session.

The CMSlim Difference

Unlike other devices and treatments that target the fat directly, CMSlim™ dramatically increases the metabolic rate of the area around the muscle. Using the high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy which induces a hyper-contraction to the muscles which could never be achieved naturally.


During these intense pulses, the muscles release chemicals which signals fat cells in the area to break down their contents and release them as free fatty acids. When these fatty acids overwhelm the fat cells, they cause malfunction, and the body naturally excretes them as waste.

The patient undergoes a 30-minute session. The first cycle begins at lower power, inducing around hundred contractions per second increasing strength during the following cycles, inducing around thousand contractions per second. The cool down programme induces deliberate contractions that are designed to flush out any toxins or lactic acid unleashed by muscles.



Single Treatment Price $395

3 x Treatments $995

6 x Treatments $1185

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