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Acne, it’s not just a treatment or a product that solves this

Acne, it’s not just a treatment or a product that solves this.

It’s a journey......

A journey that takes team work from you and I. It can be long, but with us you have a hand to hold on to.

Most of the time, it’s a combination, a puzzle to be worked out, with some twists and turns.

But once we find the right key, everything starts to come together.

This beautiful client has surely been on a journey, it’s taken time and dedication on both sides, but we sure got there in the end.

When working with Acne, we first need to find out what products you are using, what other health problems you are facing, Medication use and what environmental/ external factors could be causing you to break out.

We worked together with Dylan From BMBS Acupuncture, who worked on our clients internal factors (the core root to the problem) along with customised herbal formulations.

While we worked on the external, repairing the skins barrier function, removing the over production of waste appearing on the surface and the creation of scar tissue from trauma.

Working with a natural Heath practitioner has many perks for our clients, to not only treat the reactions we see, but to work from the core root, giving our clients options of working from the inside out ,giving them inner and out health for long term, stable results👌

BMBS Acupuncture works in the space with us, we are the Yin and Yang when it comes to skin problems 🙌💕

For any information on both of our Businesses, visit our pages

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