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Skin Resurfacing

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Our Non-Surgical, Non-invasive resurfacing treatment uses non-laser fractional heat to create minimal tiny wounds (pixel dots) to the skin, which results in skin renewal. 

The thermal response from the treatment, kick starts your skin into creating new collagen and elastin, to help resurface your skins texture. 

With minimal downtime and little to no pain treatments, these treatments result in skin tightening, firming and re-texturising. 

Resulting in 

  • Reduction of Lines & Winkles 

  • Rejuvenation for crepey skin for face, neck & décolletage. 

  • Rejuvenating eyes, skin tightening, lifting and improving crows feet. 

  • Total rejuvenation, brightening and refreshing. 

  • Uneven texture, large pours and helps reduce scarring. 

  • Helps even out skin tone, reducing pigment and sun damage. 


Resurfacing results are seen in as little as 1-3 treatments and is an alternative to laser resurfacing. 

About Skin Resurfacing


During a treatment: 

We go through the treatment with you and explain the process and after care. 

Photos are taken for your record and result progress. 

We will perform a pre peel treatment, to fresh and remove dead skin cells. 

Once skin is prepped, we will map out the area of your choice. 

Once ready we will perform the fractional treatment, with the use of heat, you may feel a sunburn like reaction. 

Once we have finished the area, we will apply a soothing mask and apply LED after to help speed up your recover. 

We will finish off the treatment with custom serums and sunscreen. 


Treatment times: 

Depending on your area of choice, treatment time’s are between 30-60 minutes. 


Painful ? 

The feeling of this treatment at most is a sunburn like feeling, but is not classed as painful. 

We apply a soothing balm or mask, including LED to help assist in healing and calming. 


How many treatments? 

The amount of treatments varies from person to person, with some people seeing results from one treatment and others needing more than one. 

For best results we suggest between 3-6 treatments, for a more noticeable result. 

Treatments can be performed every 4-6 weeks . 

Results take 4-6 weeks to form, with results continuing to rejuvenate for up to 12 weeks after your treatment. 

Treatment results can last a year and two years. 

We suggest maintenance treatments to keep skin looking it’s best and keeping on top of future ageing, at least one per year. 

Maintenance treatments are recommended once you notice your are needing a top up treatment, to keep on top of results and future ageing. 

As with all of our cosmetic treatments, results Very from person to person. 


What areas can you treat? 

We can treat, face, neck, eyes, décolletage and some areas on the body that require skin tightening, stretch marks and hands. 


What are the side effects ? 

Our Fractionated resurfacing treatment is a low risk, Minimal side effect treatment. 

After your treatment you may experience redness similar to sunburn for up to 3 days, mild micro crusting that can be covered with makeup and minimal swelling which can be brought down with ice packs if needed. 

Slight peeling is normal, with the turn over of old skin cell, fresh new skin will start to come through, this process can happen anywhere from day 1 to 10 days after. 


What to do after your treatment.

-We suggest avoiding exercise for 3 days after your treatment or until no redness or heat appears in the skin. 

-Hot showers, Sauna’s and direct sun exposure. 

-Avoid picking your skin, allow skin to heal naturally. 

-Avoid exfoliants, AHA products, Vitamin A/ retinol and Acids until skin returns. (Generally 3 days) 

-Ice pack if needed, treat your skin as you would do a sunburn. 

-We recommend a calm balm to apply after your treatment, we have these available to purchase in our clinic. 

-Sunscreen is a must durning these treatments, we suggest use of sunscreen every day for up to 3 weeks after your treatment to avoid pigmentation issues from sun exposure, as fresh new skin produced from the treatment is more Susceptible to sun burn. We recommended a high protection sunscreen spf 50 broad spectrum, which we have available in clinic.

-It’s normal for your skin to feel dryer than normal as it regenerates, you can use hydration products (we can recommend the right ones) to help reduce this feeling and look. 


Who is not suitable for this treatment? 

Those that are not suitable for this treatment is : 

-Pregnancy or Brest feeding. 

-Recent sun exposure and tanning in the past 4 weeks

-Fillers and threads, you will need to wait 4 weeks after to have a treatment. 

-Anti-Wrinkle injections 2 week wait. 

-Skin healing issues 

-Blood thinners 

-Wounds in area to be treated. 

-Skin cancer in the area. 


-Light Sensitising medication 

-skin Infections 

-Recent surgery in the area. 

-Clients with unrealistic expectations, those wanting similar results to surgery. 

FAQ'S Skin Resurfacing
Skin Resurfacing Price


Full face. 

Single $550 

Course of 3 treatments $1295 


Face & Neck. 

Single $650 

Course of 3 treatments $1495 


Face, Neck & Décolletage. 

Single $750 

Course of 3 treatments $1695 



Single $300 

Course of 3 treatments $695 



Single $300

Course of 3 treatments $695


Single $350 

Course of 3 $795 



Single $450

Course of 3 $995

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