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Chloe's Morning Skin Routine

Good Morning ☀️ This is my morning routine, that takes me no longer than 3 minutes 🥰

☀️ Step 1: Cleanse (Aspect Dr Deep Cleanser) and remove

☀️ Step 2: Apply Serums, I am using Aspect Dr Multi B Plus Serum for brightening, calming and firming, this serum literally super charges my other serums, and I mix in Aspect Dr Active C serum together, for a powerful antioxidant, to help strengthen, repair and minimise fine line and wrinkles by promoting collagen growth. Vit B&C I like to call my Breakfast Cereal 🥰

☀️ Step 3: Eye serum, I am using the absolutely amazing Cosmedix Opti Crystal eye serum, this eye serum ticks all the boxes, brightening ✅ Hydrating ✅ Reduces Dark Circles ✅ Reduces Fine lines and Wrinkles✅ and forms ✅ AMAZING 🙌

☀️ Step 4: Hydrate, I am using Aspect Dr’s Resveratrol Moisturising cream, light, but hydrating and full of antioxidants 👌

Step 5: Don’t forget the Neck and Décolletage, I am using Cosmedix Illuminate and Lift, which does exactly what says, brightens and firms 💕

Step 6: Lips, I am using the super hydrating, plumping and anti-ageing lip treatment by Cosmedix Lumi Lip, which is a huge favourite with my clients 👄✨

Step 7: Last but not least, SUNSCREEN🧴☀️ one of the things my clients most forget, but one of the most important, this could save your skin from ageing by years and protect you agains melanoma’s.

I am using Aspects On The Go spf 50, amazing protection, does not smell like sunscreen or feel greasy, plus it’s water resistant and hydrating👌

If you need any help with your skin routine, message or call me on 0410924564

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