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The bloody truth about skin needling 🩸🧛‍♀‍

The bloody truth about skin needling 🩸🧛‍♀️

Most of us have heard about skin needling, or seen the crazy pictures of people/ celebrities with blood all over their faces after a skin needling treatment telling us the vampire facial is the fountain of youth. 🧛‍♀️

But do we really need to see all that blood, and cause all that trauma to get results ? 🩸

❌ No we believe we don’t and we believe you are less likely to get results causing that amount of trauma and can actually have a negative effect!!

It’s our job to educate our clients to make safe and reasonable decisions. 👩‍🎓 📚

Skin needling also known as collagen induction therapy is meant to be just that, creating collagen. 🥰

The way skin needling works, is by using a needle device to create microscopic channels or wounds to this skin, which then actions collagen to come to surface, repair the microscopic wounds, while having left over collagen to reboot our skin into rejuvenation.

If we cause too much trauma, that is all we are doing causing trauma, which in effect can have a negative effect in our skin, causing inflammation, depleating out skins barrier function, breaking down ours skins defence mechanism, creating pigmentation, dermatitis from injury and scarring (which is the effect of too much collagen) 🙈

✅Our aim is create collagen in as minimally invasive way as possible.

We don’t work deep for rejuvenation, we want to avoid going as deep as the blood supply, as this is not the area we need more collagen, we work into the dermis, which is located above the blood supply.

We want to create minimal trauma to give you maximum benefit of your treatment.

Skin needling should be a minimal traumatic treatment with maximum benefits, minimal discomfort, with minimal downtime.

🧐Your skin has a memory, think of the reason why you come to us, most clients come to us because of the trauma they caused to their skin at a younger age with uv damage, and now you are starting to see the effects of that years later (ageing)

Skin treatments are no different, we can create collegen in a low traumatic way, without long term damage but if the skin is over traumatised then we can see the effects of that in years to come (creating even more ageing) 🙀

Skin needling is one of my personal favourite treatments for my clients, because of the rapid results and skin health that comes with skin needling. 🤗

Many of my clients have often told me of traumatic experiences in the past from traumatic treatments else where and it’s something they wish to never repeat 🤨,

When I explain skin needling properly, the way it should be used and they decide to give it another go using our medical grade SkinPen, they really see and feel a massive difference, in pain, trauma, results and less downtime. 😃

We believe less trauma, gives bigger results with less trauma, than long downtime, painful bloody treatments, and the results we see really shows. 🙌

The picture below is what is the typical downtime my clients should expect over 24 hours with redness after a skin needling treatment for rejuvenation. ⏰

❤️It will feel like a sunburn that calms down over 24 hours, your skin will respond just like sun burn, you will feel tightening, your skin will feel dryer and you could possibly see soft flaking, after care products help sooth and speed up recover times.

🧡Pigment spots may darken and then start to lighten or completely disappear 👌

Makeup can be worn the next day, easy to cover 💕

💛Over the following 7 days you will start to see your skin look more rejuvenated, fresher and you will have an amazing glow.

💚With each treatment you will see fine lines soften, skin texture becoming smoother, skin tone and colour looking more even and skin looking heathy, getting more noticeably fresher, it really is a WOW treatment 🥰

If you want to know more please visit our SkinPen treatment page or call us 💕🤗

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