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Two sides of our faces are definitely not twins 👯‍♀‍

Two sides of our faces are definitely not twins 👯‍♀️

We always talk about looking perfect, looking even and symmetrical, but is symmetry really the key to beauty 🤷‍♀️

No two half’s of our face are the same, most of us are Asymmetrical, and it is extremely rare to have a even shaped face.

We all do it, look one side to the other, it’s only natural as humans, we try to see where we can improve, what we can do to see perfection.

But is perfection the key to beauty ???

Today I did a little test, played around with a picture using my left side and right side, putting together the two faces....

And ow wow, my two half’s don’t even look related !! 🤣

I looked at my pictures of my perfect left side and my perfect right, Then I asked myself the question, would I want to look like that ?

And my answer is no, I actually think my Asymmetrical face looks better, it’s looks normal, and it looks like me.

So my take home message is, we are all unique, no one is perfect and perfection isn’t always what it seems.

Enhancing natural beauty, working with your Asymmetry and giving you confidence is what we are about at Chloe Regan Cosmetic and Tattooing.

Your natural beauty shines from within and we are here to help you look fresher in a healthy way, while promote self confidence always. 💕

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