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Home Professional Facial Treatment Pack How to Guide

Included in you set:

1x 7ml Deep cleanser, 1x 7ml Active C Serum, 1x 7ml Multi B Serum, 1x 15g Resveratrol Moisturiser, Free sample of Illuminating Polish exfoliation and 1x Cosmedix Micro Defence Professional Sheet Mask.


- One pump Deep clean with wet hands and cleanse face

- Mix together one pump Vit B & One Pump Vit C, apply to face

- If you have an eye cream, it will go here.

- One pump Resveratrol moisturiser

- If you have a sunscreen this would be applied here.


- Cleanse face Deep clean

- If you use Vit A or a night serum it would go here

- If you have an eye cream, it will go here.

- Moisturiser (Resveratrol one pump)

Home mini facial (Step by step visual available on facebook & Instagram)

-Double cleanse face with deep clean, removal all makeup

-Exfoliate with the Aspect illimitation polish, a pearl size and massage in, remove with either a damp cloth or rise until all beads have gone.

-Apply your Cosmedix sheet mask for 10-20 minutes, then remove

- Apply a mix one pump of each Vit b& Vit C serum

-Apply eye cream if you have some at home

-Apply Moisturiser (Resveratrol) before bed

If You have any questions, or need product help, feel free to contact me on 0410924564 enjoy your products love from Chloe xx

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