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About OxyPro

Get picture-perfect and party-ready, The Oxygen Facial is one of the most popular celebrity treatments in the world today and is fast becoming the treatment everyone uses as a ‘must do’ before that special occasion or as ongoing maintenance.

The OxyPro is the newest technology in 2019 taking the Oxygen Facial to the next level!

How does it work?     

Using highly concentrated oxygen and Anions to reduce reactive oxygen in the system. It regenerates broken cells, boosts immunity, improves conditions and rejuvenates tired skins. It is the Premium Anti-Aging Skin Care System.

What is O2?

O2 is essential element that regenerates broken cells and decomposes lactate acid. Also it is known for enhancing your ability to remember and focus.

OxyPro can produce 90% pure O2, making skins respiration better, regenerating broken cells thus rejuvenating your skin and achieving Anti-aging


  • OxyPro produces concentrated O2 which is essential for cell growth

  • Accelerates collagen production, softening wrinkles.

  • Eliminates ROS, which is primary source of skin aging.

  • Moisturize skin and revitalizing skin-tones by rebalancing PH

What is an Anion?

An Anion is a “Vitamin from the Air “. Anions are atoms or molecules having more electrons than protons and gives off what is known as negative charge. Anions in the air are like vitamins in food, they are greatly beneficial to your skins well-being.

Negative ions are oxygen atoms with extra electron, they reduce stress on the skin and improve your skin’s overall condition.


Benefits of Anion’s

  • Reduce Reactive Oxygen System, Achieving Anti-Aging.

  • Cleanse Vascular System

  • Cell revitalization

  • Improve Immunity


It delivers Hyaluronic Acid by an Oxygen powered gun/ampoule.


What is included in the OxyPro Facial Treatment?

  • This is a unique advanced facial performed by Chloe Regan.

  • She will examine your skin to make adjustments by creating a treatment that is perfect for you and your skin type.

  • A deep cleanse will be performed with an exfoliation of either Epidermal Levelling, Scrub or Microdermabrasion depending on your skin type.

  • Chloe will then Perform the unique triple oxygen process treatment.

  • A warming Oxygen mask will be applied to your skin, it will help balance skin tone, brighten and clarify your skin, increase nutrition and give your skin energy.

  • Once the Oxygen Mask is removed, you will receive an oxygen infusion treatment, using Hyaluronic Acid to deeply hydrate and plum your skin.

  • You will be then placed in the OxyPro oxygen bubble which turns normal air into 90% pure oxygen and creates over 3 million Anions, this helps penetrate even more oxygen to your skin.

  • This is your time to relax, not only will this boost your skin even more, but  you will breath in the pure oxygen, which is known to reduce stress and anxiety, help you relax, increase energy and alertness and can also help with sinus problems.

  • You will then receive an application of tailored serums and hydration to finish off this truly luxurious treatment.

You will leave with instant, noticeable results. Your skin will be plum, hydrated and smooth.

There is no downtime with this treatment, just results and is beneficial for all skin types and ages.


In as little as 1.15 minutes you can plump up your cheeks, define the contours of your jaw line, brighten your skin tone and instantly see fine lines reduce around your eyes and lips with no downtime at all. The cool and soothing treatment is as simple as infusing oxygen combined with a professional strength serum, using different active ingredients, in order to give you an instant lift – and you can apply your makeup straight after treatment!

Whether you have an upcoming wedding, a weekend away or walking the red carpet and you have no time to waste – the Oxygen Facial Therapy is the fastest, safest and most effective way to look and feel your best instantly.

It's great for those clients that have Dehydrated skin, dull looking skin, sun damaged skin, highlighted expression lines, deep eye contours, loss of firmness and elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles, and uneven skin tone.


  • Instantly rehydrate your skin

  • Brightens your skin and creates an instant glow

  • Plump and define contours of the face and eyes

  • Sooth and heal sun damaged skin

  • Diminish fine lines and wrinkles with visible results after treatment

  • No heat – uses a cool, soothing spray of oxygen

  • 100% Chemical and pain free

  • See the difference directly after treatment

  • No recovery or downtime – ready to apply makeup straight away



$230 - 1hr 15min Treatment

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